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About Us

Players Point is a sports marketing and branding agency that designs and manages personal brands for professional athletes to help prepare them for opportunities on and off the playing field.

Our mission is to help our clients gain more recognition, increase awareness of their personal brand and attract new revenue streams. We provide a variety of services that help them grow their brand online and offline to ultimately reach whatever career goals that they might have.

Malcolm Lemmons

Malcolm Lemmons

(Founder & Executive Director)

“We deeply believe that every athlete deserves a team who performs just as hard for them off the playing field, as they perform on the playing field. We are passionate about storytelling, innovative thinking and revolutionizing the way athletes, businesses and fans interact. This is why we do what we do and exactly why Players Point Agency exists.”

What We Do

Website Design & Management

A website is arguably the most powerful digital tool that an athlete can have if it’s built and applied correctly. When you combine a website with high-quality original content news articles, intriguing blogs, and videos, you completely control your story and narrative.


Social Media Optimization & Management

Every professional athlete, NEEDS to have a successful social media strategy in-place. Fans and others have to be able to find their social media pages quickly and easily, which helps build awareness around their brand and grow their fan base.

Charitable & Strategic Partnerships

A big part of what we do includes giving back to the communities around us. Through our charitable partnerships, we strategically help you develop smart business relationships while also supporting the causes that mean the most to you.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

By analyzing and understanding the athlete’s overall vision, mission on & off the playing field, and what makes them unique, we can design and implement a strategy that reflects these goals to ensure that they are working towards success in everything that they do.

Our Process


Every personal branding process goes through a phase of discovery where we try to find out everything we can about you in order to help you in the best way possible.


From all of the information that we gather, we start to explore possible strategies and customizable plans that fall in line with your main goals as an athlete.


Finally, we put what we have worked on into action. We implement and execute the strategy and deliver all brand assets on various platforms so we can get your brand out there.

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